Contract Details

DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-5099
Vendor ID 1582214685600
Available Products & Services Apple Branded Products & Third Party Accessories
Terms & Conditions DIR-CPO-5099 Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions (per Amendment 2)
Pricing Guidelines DIR-CPO-5099 Price List
Returns Return Policy
Warranty Guidelines Link to Statement
DIR Contract Website DIR-CPO-5099
DIR ICT Program Program Overview


How to get a quote

Please email or call our Texas Team at 877-468-6729 x290 or txteam@scw.com.

How to order

Create a purchase order, made payable to Southern Computer Warehouse. To make certain the contract is applied correctly, please reference contract DIR-CPO-5090 clearly. Purchase orders can be emailed to txteam@scw.com or sent via fax to 770-579-8937 with attention to Team Texas.

Contact information

Account Manager Cater Atwood
Email txteam@scw.com
Phone 877-468-6729 Ext 232
Fax 770-579-8937

Contract overview

Southern Computer Warehouse offers Apple branded products and authorized third party products through this contract including but not limited to: Anywhere Cart, Belkin, Canon, Fujitsu, JABRA, LG, Poly, Startech, Viewsonic, and Western Digital. DIR Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state.

Available Brands

Anywhere Cart LG
Belkin Poly
Canon Startech
Fujitsu Viewsonic
JABRA Western Digital

Warranty Guidelines

SCW offers standard manufacturer’s warranties on all items we sell. These vary widely from 90 days to lifetime warranties. Within 30 days of purchase we will refund and replace any items in agreement with our stated return policies.

If an issue comes up that needs to be resolved with the manufacturer under warranty, they can be reported to Carter Atwood at SCW (TXTeam@scw.com or 770-579-8927/877-468-6729). The manufacturer’s toll free number will be provided and the TX Team will ensure the problem is satisfactorily resolved.