SCW and Intalere IT Solutions Collaborate to Change the Way Healthcare Facilities Approach IT Purchasing



The Challenge:

• Three very different healthcare facilities with
immediate computer hardware needs require
name-brand professional-grade solutions at a
budget-conscious price.


The Solution:

• Intalere Information Technology Solutions,
Intalere Affiliate HRS and IT supplier, Southern
Computer Warehouse (SCW) collaborate
to quickly and cost-effectively provide the
equipment required – without sacrificing
superior client care, level of expertise and overall
white-glove service.

• Free ground shipping from SCW on all Intalere
contract purchases provides much-needed
additional savings.

The Outcome:

• New long-term collaborative partnerships
between Intalere, its members, affiliates and
suppliers are forged; creating a win-win business
environment for all the organizations involved,
as well as improved healthcare delivery for the
patients they serve


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