Seagate Technology storage solutions transform business continuity with modern data protection and develop innovative storage technology such as ADAPT rapid-rebuild and no-touch maintenance for 5 years. With proven client success stories on data commons expansion, data and file sharing, video imaging security and high-performance computing (HPC), Seagate systems solutions can scale to any budget with lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Precision-engineered private cloud with trusted durability, robust security, and built-in redundancy to safeguard critical assets to empower businesses to securely reach its full potential. Lower your TCO with Seagate’s high density JBODs, Expansion Shelves, RAID and application platform solutions with the latest in controller technology to support any software. Contact a specialist to learn more [hyperlink to SCW Rep]



Why Choose Seagate?


Trusted Legacy

More than 40 years of experience and already building systems for

some of the biggest names out there.

Innovative Technology


In-house R&D develops modern technologies for data protection and mass capacity such as ADAPT array rapid-rebuild.

Scalable Support


Vertical manufacturing of devices, controllers and systems allow for lowered TCO and a single point of contact.

2U12 Storage Systems

Exos X 2U12 is an entry-level SAN that delivers advanced data protection, capacity, and performance at an optimal cost.

2U24 Storage Systems


Seagate Nytro X 2U24 is the affordable all-flash array (AFA) system for critical workloads that demand the highest performance.

5U84 Storage Systems

Exos X 5U84, a just-right hybrid RAID configuration, is the ultra-dense, intelligent solution for maximum capacity and performance at an exceptionally low TCO.

4U106 Storage Systems

Exos E 4U106 is the largest building block delivering industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed.

CORVAULT Intelligence Systems

High-performance, self-healing block storage system of 1.9PB. Hot swappable, minimize downtime and 99.999% availability delivers the most reliable performance.

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